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How to plan your website?

To plan your website you should first identify your intended audience;

  • Define the purpose of your site
  • Create a draft for each Web page
  • Specify your start and end date
  • how frequent you want to update your website
  • select a host.

Outcome from these step should be your Website Plan including:

  1. your intended audience (their background, interests, skills, and knowledge)
  2. the purpose of your site
  3. text for each Web page
  4. desired start date and update frequency
  5. your hosting service and URL (Web address) of your site.

A plan is the method used to obtain specific results. To develop a plan for your Website create a piece of paper and answer the following questions:

Who? Define your target audience. What kind of information your targeted customers would be looking for? Try to put your self in customers perspective. Write down your intended customers education level, age bracket, gender if your product is gender specific and interests.

Check out competitors websites and see how they appeal to their target customers.
What are you going to say? the article also called content are the key to your website, It is time-consuming and could be hard at times. you may want to hire a creative writer if this task sound daunting to you. getting professional content may make a big difference between your site and your competitors.

List your company’s information you currently have. For example photos, brochures, company logo and written materials.
Make a thorough chart of other info you need.
Do your research before you start writing, there are plenty of resources online that can be valuable to your business.
Finally you can never have enough time for planning for a website so start your homework as soon as you can