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HTML Editor

Now that you have your website planning, articles  and site organization laid out, you need to put these information into actual web pages. So it’s time to start coding some html or you don’t!! Some of you may have tried coding HTML and succeeded some may have failed. Maybe you are tired of coding, or just want to have an effect on your page you don’t know how to do. Well, HTML editors can help you. And this page can help you choose the best one for you. There are plenty of html editor software out there some are free that can do the coding/scripting for you.

here is list of free html editors that you may want to experiment with

KompoZer, Nvu, SeaMonkey, Selida, Trellian WebPage, WebDwarf, Amaya, PageBreeze.

I personally never used any of the free html editors but I think it’s a good way to experiment since it’s free. I use Dreamweaver from Adobe which is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)software, which shows the page while editing it. I personally find it very usable, but it’s not the only good html editor out there

How much does it cost for a web editor

Choose editors with the most needed features and the lowest price (if it is not free). Cut your list down 4 or 5 HTML editors. If you began with 4 or 5, cut it down to a number from 1-3

Finally its always good to know some html  and CSS which may come in really handy when you’re stuck with a coding problem.