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Upload a simple static website

Decide where you are going to put your pages.

  1. The main page should be named “index”. That is the page that shows up when you type in your domain address in the URL.
  2. Find out the details of your account with the web hosting company: your username, your password, the “host name” (the machine where you’ll upload your files), and your URL or Web address of course
  3. Connect to the Internet
  4. Open up an FTP program
  5. Put in the host name of your Web site
  6. Put in your username
  7. Put in your password
  8. Connect to the site
  9. Highlight the files you would like on your Web site
  10. Click on the option to transfer them to your Web site
  11. Don’t forget to transfer images and other multimedia files that are associated with your Web site.