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Use of premium themes and dozens of plugins on the site developed by WordPress

There is no substitute for using premium themes and a variety of plugins to accelerate the work of website design and development. However the use of themes and plugins needs to be more conscious to reduce the problems mentioned above. Those who are using WordPress to create their own or client’s website must consider a few things –


Load time:

That’s why WordPress sites take longer to load than static or coded sites built on PHP. In that case, using more plugins and feature rich themes will increase the loading time of your site. This is very detrimental to the experience and SEO of the site visitors.


Using a large number of plugins, various programmers are attached to the code site, so that there is a possibility of their internal conflict. Moreover, not all programmers who participate in the WordPress plugin directory have the opportunity to thoroughly verify. As a result, there may be some code that could compromise the security of your site.

Obstacle to update:

Keeping the entire system up to date is essential to keep the performance and security of the website uninterrupted. But not all theme and plugin developers are usually able to update their codes quickly. As a result, the update process of the website, which has more plugin users, is also disrupted.

Things to do:

  • Plugins that do not use comparatively less useful or deactivate when needed, such as – Thumbnail Regenerate, Database Optimize etc. work plugins.
  • Before using the theme-plugin, check its reviews, activities in support forum, last update and update.
  • Before launching the website or before going live, debugging the configuration in WordPress and checking, is there any warning?