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Free cPanel alternatives

Hi, this is kabir. I have more then 5 years of experience of managing web servers for my own site, as well as my client’s sites. According to my experience here is a list of top 3 free cPanel alternatives. Please note that, these open source or free cPanel alternatives will not perform same as cPanel/WHM. cPanel is surely the best web hosting control panel, but unfortunately it is not free. So why many webmasters searching for free or low cost hosting control panel. These 3 free cPanel alternatives are good enough to maintain your personal as well as client’s sites. These free cPanel alternatives allow you to manage multiple hosts(domain/sub-domain), MySQL(phpMyAdmin), FTP accounts and many more essential functions.


No. 1 Free cPanel alternative – ZPanel

ZPanel is a free Web hosting control panel written to work with Windows, Linux and MacOSX based servers. This solution can turn a server into a easy to use and manage web hosting server.

Home Page: zpanelcp.com. – Tutorial: How to install ZPanel?


No. 2 Free cPanel alternative – VestaCP

VestaCP is a light & fast web host management control panel. With simple and clear interface. Instead of adding more elements to work with, they prefer to remove as much as possible. The main goal was to improve the ergonomics of the control panel by reducing unnecessary movements and operations. It is all about using less, because less is more.

Home Page: vestacp.com. – Tutorial: How to install VestaCP?


No. 3 Free cPanel alternative – Kloxo-MR

Kloxo-MR is a modified / updated version of original Kloxo Panel by Mustafa Ramadan. Kloxo MR includes many additional features and fixes few bugs of Kloxo Panel. This is one of my recommended open source cPanel alternative for manage your VPS.

Home Page: github.com/mustafaramadhan/kloxo. – Tutorial: How to install Kloxo-MR?