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Why we should not use pirated software?

By pirated or nulled software, users usually mean desktop software, But many applications, scripts, theme-plugins that are run online or on web servers are also within its scope.


Programmers involved in software piracy or making null software remain anonymous due to legal complications. They usually do not have an institutional structure but work individually. That is why bugs are often observed in pirated software. Moreover, those involved in software piracy hide a lot of secret advertising code or scripts to collect users’ information in the software for monetization purposes, Which is undoubtedly a big threat to privacy.


To prevent piracy, software companies usually replace the unwanted code with original code immediately after the update, As a result the software stops working. To avoid this, software pirates usually disable the update option. And stopping the update process of a software means, being deprived of all the features that will be added to the software later. Moreover, if there are any bugs in the software, there is no way to fix them later.


Since pirated software is likely to contain secret advertising code or secret code to collect user information, the extra requests and processes naturally slow down the software.

Moreover, the software cannot respond properly along with the hardware update as the update process is stopped. Or if software companies have bugs in their old software that are thwarted in their efforts to fix new updates.

Professionals and the industry

Pirated software manufacturers usually choose popular software, but popular software is not always made by large corporations, but often by new and small companies. While big corporates get less profit due to software piracy, small companies are severely affected and even find it difficult to stay afloat at times. As a result, many popular software and emerging software companies were lost.

Moral values

Using pirated software is undoubtedly an unethical act, which in modern times can be called digital theft. It is our duty to refrain from using these pirated software to keep our own moral values. And the morality of our virtual life is not separated from the morality and values of real life.

Conclusion: Overall, using pirated software is not only harmful to the manufacturing company but also harmful to the user. So we should refrain from this and create awareness among all.