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Bangladesh school and college website and school and college management software.

Nowadays, many schools and colleges in Bangladesh have pioneered the use of websites and various types of desktop or web applications to manage their school and college affairs. This is undoubtedly a positive thing, but there are some flaws in our system and method in this regard. If we focus on solving these deviations, the schools and colleges of Bangladesh will be able to go one step further on the path of digitalization.

The specific factors responsible for this phenomenon are –

  1. Lack of skilled manpower
  2. Adding unnecessary features
  3. Inability to engage students, teachers and parents
  4. Technical errors in website or school management system
  5. Not getting adequate support from web or software developers

Possible solutions:

  1. If possible, recruiting independent and expert staff to manage website and school-college management system. Otherwise to reduce the other responsibilities of the person who will handle the said work.
  2. Do not include unnecessary features in your system, due to imitation of other educational institutions or insufficient consideration and analysis. Unnecessary features often add to project costs, create complications for the website or school management system administrator, yet remain mostly unused. For example, if an educational institution in a provincial upazila city adds an online payment system to its website, following the example of schools and colleges run on a large scale in Dhaka, Sylhet or Mymensingh, it is difficult to get sufficient and expected benefits for that institution.
  3. The purpose of a website or software is not successful if students, teachers and parents are not properly connected to the system. Hence they can be engaged through promotion, training and interaction with the concerned parties.
  4. There is no alternative to regular website or software updates to avoid technical glitches in the system. As technology is constantly updating, it is imperative to keep your school management system updated along with updates to the web server, browser or operating system.
  5. To get adequate support from website or software developers and above all to ensure a quality website or school management system, it is imperative to engage with professional and experienced individuals or organizations before starting the project. Since experienced professional freelancers or agencies do not work on minimal or relatively affordable budgets, proper budgeting is essential for project success.