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How to install ZPanel on centOS 6


ZPanel is a free Web hosting control panel written to work with Windows, Linux and MacOSX based servers. This solution can turn a server into a easy to use and manage web hosting server. This article show you how to install ZPanel on centOS 6 with video tutorial.



Installation process (Install ZPanel):

I assuming that, you already install CentOS 6. Now I am going to show you the steps of install ZPanel on your VPS.


Step 1: Update your CentOS 6 32 64-bit

yum -y update

Step 2: Reboot your OS (optional)


Step 3: Download the installer

wget https://raw.github.com/zpanel/installers/master/install/CentOS-6_4/10_1_1.sh

Step 4: Change the permissions

chmod +x 10_1_1.sh

Step 5: Run the installer


Step 6: Follow the on screen instructions during the installation



Video Tutorial: