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An Attractive Website vs An Effective Website

Many years of experience as a web developer have seen many clients turn their website into a glamorous exhibition instead of a functional business tool. Website owners should not make decisions based on passion for design. Instead, design with business goals, targeted audiences and business competitors in mind.

The key consideration of a functional website is how successfully it is able to provide visitors with the information they want, and how successfully it collects information from them according to predefined goals. And how successfully e-commerce websites are able to match products for sale.

Attractive vs Effective Website

If an HD or 4K video causes slow loading of your page and the dissatisfaction of visitors, or if a dazzling animation distracts the client from the main topic, then those materials will be an obstacle in achieving your business goal despite being extremely beautiful.

But hopefully, if the website owners start thinking a little more steadily, it is possible to overcome such obstacles. And use their website as a functional tool to achieve their business success, if Allah wills.