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Technology: CSS

Mynet ISP

Mynet ISP is well known & highly established, a next generation Internet Service Provider (ISP) in North-East Zone of Bangladesh.

Completed on November 2010
Client Mynet ISP
Location Mymensingh, Bangladesh.
Project URL www.mynetisp.net
Technology & Skills CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, PHP.
Boxer Body Training

As a kid Gustavo grew up playing all kinds of sports. Exceeding in basketball, afforded me the opportunity to obtain a scholarship play at the intercollegiate level. After graduating college, an injury from all of his early years of playing competitive basketball kept me from competing at the level hi was use to. Gustavo neededread more

Completed on July 2017
Client Gustavo
Location California
Technology & Skills CSS, CSS3, HTML, jQuery, WordPress, WordPress Theme.
Personal Website of William Gati

William Gati is the founder and principal of Architecture Studio: an architectural firm that designs residential, commercial, and institutional projects. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects, and he is registered in New York State, Connecticut and New Jersey. William Gati also a Musician (pianist & saxophonist) and Historic Architecture Tour Guide.

Completed on September 2017
Client William Gati
Location New York
Project URL www.williamgati.com
Richmond Hill Historical Society

The Richmond Hill Historical Society was founded in the early 1980’s as a chapter of the Queens Historical Society. After more than a decade of inactivity The Richmond Hill Historical Society was re-founded in 1997 as an independent not-for-profit, community based organization.

Completed on February 2021
Client Bill Gati
Location New York, U.S.A