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HTML forms start to introduce the concept of interaction between the web user and the World Wide Web, in particular the Web server or Host. This tutorial introduces you to HTML forms and all the building blocks (elements) that are available to the web author when designing and creating a form. What Is A Form?read more

Tables tags are an integral part of HTML and we stress how important it is to get a thorough grounding in them. There is a magic formula that enables you to write successful cross-browser tables right from the beginning and this tutorial teaches you the principles and techniques behind this magic formula. A Necessary Skillread more

A web color chart displaying all the Netscape 216 browser-safe colors. Each swatch displays the HEX color code, the decimal RGB (red, green, blue) values and the CMY (cyan, majenta, yellow) percentage values. You can use this color system in cross-platform, cross-browser scripts. Cross-Browser Colors This color chart is recommended as being the best overallread more

A basic primer on hex (hexadecimal) numbers as they relate to color coding for web pages. Use the best system right from the beginning. Write your web pages so that they can be viewed in different browsers and ensure that they achieve more than just being suitable for your own personal viewing. Why Use Hexread more