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Website design is critical for internet success

When you think about how the internet has developed over the years, I think it is important to look at how things have changed over the past twenty years.  I remember when I was maybe five or six years old my parents got their first computer.  It was a Gateway computer and it ran Windows 95.  It was the first of its kind and I loved being able to tool around on the machine.  It was so easy and rudimentary back then.  I feel as if now my skill with computers is because of my ability to just play around on my parents’ computer.  Nevertheless, at the very beginning stages it was all about American Online.  The American Online experience was a ton of fun because you could do everything from access information about sports to go to chat rooms and I have to say that I definitely participated in some of the chat rooms, despite my parents plan not to.

When you look at a lot of the website design then, it was all about how to access information, not the experience.  This is much different than some of our capabilities now.  Now, we have the opportunity to sport a great amount of information through the process and still have an interactive experience.  I think that this change has been great and now we can access just about any kind of information that has ever existed on the internet.  One of my favorite statistics is that you can now access more information in a single website that other people would have access to over their entire lives only years ago.  That is quite something and just shows the progress that we have undergone.  One of the things that I most look forward to, and I am not excited about the prospects of getting older, is the potential to access more and more information.  This means that there is a ton of opportunity and I am looking forward to seeing how that changes throughout the years. When I think about websites, another one that comes to mind is e-commerce sites.

Amazon has done a great job with their e-commerce website development.  It not only looks great, but it is pretty easy to navigate through all of the pages.  That is the most important thing for a lot of the people that are accessing a site.  It means that they can get all of the information accomplished sooner rather than later.  It takes no time and it is much more convenient that driving to the store.  That is why I use Amazon pretty frequently.

Web design is the most important thing for a website and that is followed by content.  So long as people have access to the information, the design of the website is the most important thing that I can think of.  I would hope to be able to find a website that would work for my business role and develop that further to increase access for people and communities in need.