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Is the BigCommerce Platform Good for SEO and Website Marketing?

Big Commerce is one of the fastest growing E-commerce platforms in the world for a reason. Actually, there are a number of factors that contribute to the rapid rise of this platform, like the fact that it’s well supported, easy to use and flexible. These features are great for not only the customer but the store owner as well. One of the most critical features of any successful online business is SEO or website marketing, and on-page SEO is something that Big Commerce has really made easy to implement.

In the world of eCommerce and Search engine madness – search results rule. In online business everything from Managing the number of URLS created by multiple categories and products to image naming can have an enormous impact on the overall rankings of a website in search engines like Google. Big Commerce has really programmed in some core functionalities, from meta data to product descriptions, that make onsite SEO one of the most effective and efficient on the market.

BigCommerce has included everything you need to get your website ranking at the top of the search engines. This includes custom page titles and meta details for products, web pages, categories, brands and news items, as well as search engine friendly links, W3C compliant / tableless templates, proper use of header tags, HTML/XML sitemaps and custom image alt tags.

Extending beyond the on-page SEO features, they have also made it very easy to integrate with Social Media outlets like Facebook and online shopping networks with simple data feeds. One of the best features of BigCommerce is the ability to quick export directly to shopping comparison sites. This is a great way for stores with a lot of products to drive massive amounts of traffic back to their Big Commerce store as well as generating sales on multiple fronts. It’s literally point-and-click export to get your products listed on websites like Beso, Google Products, BizRate, MySimon, NexTag, PriceGrabber, Shopping.com and Shopzilla. It’s multi-channel retailing on steroids and it’s one of the fastest way to grow your visitor base.

Big Commerce has really tried to leave no stone unturned when integrating with other online resources to sell product. They have also made it easy to list your products for sale (BIN) or auction on eBay, right from your store’s control panel. You are able to see live listings and when an auction is won or a product is purchased, an order is created in your store automatically. No extra work needed. BigCommerce has also developed a new Facebook application which allows you to share your store’s Featured Products, New Products, & Popular Products on your Facebook Page (Community,Local Business, etc.)

A big part of successful website marketing is tying in your SEO efforts with an email marketing campaign. Big Commerce uses MailChimp to set up an automatic and seamless integration between your online business and your customer base. This allows you to define rules to add customers and newsletter subscribers to your MailChimp lists based on the product, category or brand they’ve purchased then setup a few auto responders in MailChimp and let the rest take care of itself. An added bonus is that when using MailChimp sending less than 12,000 emails per month is free!

In there efforts to create a platform that promotes successful stores they have been independently audited by the world’s #1 SEO expert, Aaron Wall, whose feedback was used to further improve the Big Commerce platform and therefore your chances of ranking highly in the search engines. Big Commerce has gone through a lot of trouble to help make their customer’s stores successful. Part of these efforts include weekly updates on how to promote your products and your store, as well as an extensive database of video tutorials.

While many do-it-yourselfers may encounter problems creating custom website designs for the BigCommerce platform without hiring a professional website design company, they will have no problem with taking over the store and managing their own products or implementing good SEO practices and meta data.

I am the art director for a highly rated Website Design Company, website marketing company and Packaging company. I truly believe that one of the greatest assets a company can have today is a well designed website combining good looks with intuitive navigation and easy to use functionality topped off with the right amount of website marketing.